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We all have days when everything seems to breakdown. Does this look familiar?

  • Breakdowns in communication
  • Job expectations are difficult to meet
  • Lack of follow-through from coworkers
  • People don't keep their promises
  • Ethics do not meet standards
  • Downsizing and budget constraints deplete energy and innovation
  • People are not listening to one another
  • Misuse of power

We know that individuals are functioning at only a small percentage of their generative potential to create a satisfying and fulfilling work and life experience.

Great possibilities exist for those individuals who are willing to become more mindful of their thinking, values, and perceptions.

"The greatest discovery in our generation is that human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives." 
---William James (1842-1910), American psychologist and philosopher

It is possible to have:

  • Cohesive teams
  • Individuals aligned with company missions and visions,
  • The generation of new energy, creativity, and innovation
  • Trust and respect for one another and customers
  • Good lines of communcation
Evans Communications Group, LLC as a leader in professional development training will lead you through the process of transforming your workplace into one that functions with more integrity, better communication, and a spirit of community.


Evans Communications Group


Corporate and Government Management

We offer support in personal and organizational growth endeavors for leaders and managers. Retreats, motivational topics, conferences, and seminars are designed to achieve focused outcomes and rejuvenate and inspire managers to implement new initiatives with more ease and joy.


  • Building a Cohesive Team that Works!
  • Leading With Integrity
  • Where did the Joy go at Work?
  • Juice up creativity: Solving Problems With Ease, Grace and Joy!
  • Coaching for Success
  • Effectively Dealing with Change
  • Improving Business and Interpersonal Communication Skills
  • How to Have More Balance in Your Professional and Personal Life
  • Presenting Your Best

Organizations and Specialized Groups

Lori Evans, President and CEO of Evans Communications Group, LLC, is well known for her dynamic and exciting presentations. Below are a few of her recent presentations at conferences, retreats and workshops.


  • Where Did the Joy Go?
  • Juice up creativity: solving problems with ease, grace and joy!
  • Map your future: designing your dreams into actions
  • Generate Change with Your Voice and Integrity
  • Become a Self-esteem Warrior: Develop a Strong Sense of Self at Work and at Home
  • Empowering Yourself and Your Business
  • Who Says I Can't Do It? Coping with Change
  • Understanding Yourself and Others

Leadership and Teambuilding

We offer support in personal and organizational growth endeavors for leaders and managers. Retreats, motivational topics, conferences, and seminars are designed to achieve focused outcomes and rejuvenate and inspire managers to implement new initiatives with more ease and joy.


  • Leadership Development Series
  • Essential Skills of Leadership
  • Building a Cohesive Team That Works!

Customer Service

Developing Excellence in Customer Service. Dynamic programs to help employees develop first-class competencies in meeting the service needs of external and internal customers.


  • Connect for Success
  • About Face!: Dealing With Conflict
  • "Leading with Integrity"TM

Retail Banking Training Programs

In order to assist you in helping your organization become the number one community bank in your marketplace, Evans Communications Group, LLC has created the "Developing Community Relationships Through a Culture of Service" training program. This program is comprised of several training workshops focused specifically on developing better relationships with your customer community through developing consistent, superior, service-oriented practices. Our unique approach to this is through the creation of a framework for which building long-term relationships within your community fosters a "neighborhood" feeling of personal attention.

At the completion of this program, your bank will have the tools necessary to increase revenue while exceeding customer service expectations and to enrich the organization's working environment through team spirit.

I. Frontline Training

  • Effectively Managing Change
  • Connect for Success - Customer Service Training
  • Cross-Selling Made Easy

II. Supervision Series

  • "Leading with Integrity"TM - A Banker's Code of Ethics
  • Essential Skills of Leadership
  • Improving Work Habits
  • Coaching Job Skills
  • Delegating Effectively
  • Dealing With Complaints
  • Dealing With Conflict

DiSC Personal Profiles

The Disc system expresses behavior styles in terms of Dominance, Influence, Conscientiousness, and Steadiness. We use the Disc Personal Profile System with many of our programs. We offer Classic Disc profile, the Time Mastery Profile, Discovering Diversity Profile. Contact us for additional information and how to use the DiSC System to your advantage.


Who we are

Some of Our Clients

  • US Army
  • Maryland Department of Transportation
  • Virginia Bankers Association
  • International Association of Administrative Professionals
  • Banking Institutions
  • Healthcare Organizations
  • Women's Organizations

Our Mission Statement

The Evans Communications Group, LLC is dedicated to empowering individuals, teams, and organizations with the ability to identify talents, creativity, and leadership excellence. The foundation of our work is empowerment with the core value of INTEGRITY, which we integrate into all of our programs inspiring truly collaborative relationships in the workplace.

Our Philosophy:

Increased integrity in communication and relationship fosters loyalty, trust, and more alignment with individual and organizational values resulting in higher performance, successful businesses and successful lives.

Evans Communications Group, LLC is a professional development training and consulting company specializing in bringing integrity into the workplace through experiential learning techniques. We have great success in making a transformational impact with our unique set of training strategies. We also incorporate tool kits into our training programs that support individuals and organizations as they continue the transformative process of building a community that functions with integrity within and between individuals.

With more than over 20 years of diversified experience in training, marketing, and sales with multiple industries, Evans Communications Group, LLC sets the standard of excellence in training for corporate and personal development, skill building for leadership, customer service, interpersonal communication, enhancing personal and professional well-being and building cohesive teams.

We tailor our training to meet the unique needs of our clients. Our staff will work with your business or organization to design programs to meet your specific requirements. The result is we bring a new level of energy, creativity, and innovation into the training that is reflected in a higher level of performance and a more profound sense of community in the workplace.

The services listed on our Website are examples of some of our programs. We will assess your employee development needs and suggest programs and skill sets to empower your employees to meet company goals and mission.

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How to reach us

We are located in the Tampa Bay Area of Florida and we'll travel to your location upon request.

If you have questions or you would like additional information on how our services can help you improve and grow your business and company culture, please contact us by phone, mail or email.

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